About the Artist

Carolyn Snyder

I’m a clinical social worker taking a break from the field to feed my creative soul. As a mom of twins, I found myself in need of an outlet and turned to art…and what I discovered is a passion. Pouring acrylics spoke to me and so I obsessed over YouTube tutorials until I could teach myself. Forever chasing new and unique techniques, my art grows as I do.


A big part of why I fell in love with this style is because if you can get the basics down, you have complete creative freedom in how you choose to move forward. There is no right or wrong, no pattern or rules to follow. By implementing fresh color palettes that speak to me and/or my customers, I am able to create bold pieces suited to individuals with all different tastes. There is something for everyone!

My ultimate goal is to create affordable, one of a kind art that others can appreciate as much as I do. For this reason, if ever there is a sold item or any other painting in my gallery you truly enjoy, please contact me about a commission in a similar style. Please take a look at my work…I hope you enjoy!

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