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About the Artist and Owner


Carolyn Snyder

Carolyn is a clinical social worker taking a break from the field to feed her creative soul. As a mom of twins, she found herself in need of an outlet and turned to art…and what she discovered was a passion. Pouring acrylics spoke to her and so she obsessed over YouTube tutorials until she could teach herself. Forever chasing new and unique techniques, her art grows as she does.


A big part of why Carolyn fell in love with this style is because if one can get the basics down, you have complete creative freedom in how you choose to move forward. There is no right or wrong, no pattern or rules to follow. By implementing fresh color palettes that speak to her and/or her customers, she is able to create bold pieces suited to individuals with all different tastes. There is something for everyone!

Carolyn's excitement about this creative outlet has motivated her to share it with others via acrylic pouring and jewelry making workshops held throughout Colorado and Wyoming.  Her ultimate goal is to create affordable, one of a kind art that others can appreciate as much as she does. Please take a look at her works…we hope you enjoy!


About Sarah

Sarah currently works in the finance department at a local college. She has one awesome teenage son, who relies on her less and less as the years go by. With some extra time on her hands, she knew she needed a creative outlet.

Sarah was bit by the creative bug at a young age. At 12 years old, she started making jewelry as gifts and teaching everyone around her that would listen. In years past, she dabbled in quilting, macrame, drawing, calligraphy, and even made candles and soap. Sarah is also a silversmith. However, once she started pouring acrylics, she knew she had found her niche. She was instantly captivated and never looked back.

Sarah met Carolyn at her booth at a local craft fair. They had a lot of the same interests and became friends instantly. Carolyn invited Sarah to come check out one of her events and Sarah never left. Sarah feels it has been such a privilege to learn and teach alongside Carolyn, and Carolyn is forever grateful for Sarah's assistance in getting Pour Decor off the ground. They are a dynamic duo and are determined to bring the healing gift of creativity to all who need and want it.


Sarah Sypian

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