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Private Events

Throwing a birthday bash? Work event? Holiday gathering? Team builder?
Whatever the occasion, put a unique spin on your special occasion and celebrate with Pour Decor!  

Acrylic Pouring

~ $35/person (covers all the supplies, info and demo of different types of pours, and allows each person to create a 10"x10" painting)

~ Extra canvases can be made for $10

~ Host/hostess gets a 2nd canvas for free as a thank you for booking

~ Approximately 1.5 hrs

Jewelry Making

~ $25/person to create jewelry using dried acrylic paint skins (choice of pendants, dangle and stud earrings, rings, bracelets, keychains, and pure hooks)

~ Extra jewelry can be made for $10

~ Host/hostess gets to keep the painting created during the pouring demo

~ Approximately 1.5 hrs

~ We require a minimum of 7 people for private parties. If you cannot gather 7 people for the private party, the cost per person increases to cover the cost difference of the number of people you are short.

~ For travel time more than 30 min from, we require an additional $25 to help cover the cost of time/gas/tolls.

Get a Free Quote

Do you have more questions? Send us an email to get more information or a personalized quote for your private event!

We will get back to you shortly!
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